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By most accounts, judges will confess that custody cases are excruciating for all parties involved, including themselves.

Judges dislike having to play God, and, unfortunately, this is what takes place in many divorce custody cases. Everyone knows that it is heart wrenching to see spouses go to battle over who will have control over their children’s lives. In order to make a decision that will, most likely, affect a child for the rest of his or her life, judges are asked to draw from their knowledge, past experience, the presentations of the parents and their lawyers, as well as from neutral experts. Unfortunately, the rights of grandparents and third parties are not always at the forefront when a couple is going through a divorce.

Third party or grandparent custody cases are usually considered a rescue action for children deemed to be in danger. In most cases, the grandparent does not want to act as “parent” again, but believes that they are required to intervene for both the safety and wellbeing of the child. If this is necessary, it is important to know that there is a statute that permits you to step in and protect your grandchild or grandchildren. If you have questions regarding Grandparent and Third Party Custody, contact the Law Office of Caroline Pineres.

Life, can sometimes prove to be challenging and unpredictable and more so during the very vulnerable and stressful exposures, that one can be subjected to involving family and marital matters.

The Law Office of Caroline Pineres understands the complex and sensitive nature of family-related legal disputes and is prepared to guide clients toward appropriate and productive solutions with discretion, respect, and sensitivity. As a practitioner in a rapidly evolving area of law, Caroline Pineres is one of the most respected attorneys in her field and has zealously dedicated her practice to successfully assisting clients with all family law related issues. She routinely obtains winning results for her clients, regardless of the complexity of the cases.

Bilingual (English-Spanish) As a native Spanish speaker, Caroline has brought her knowledge and expertise to the Latino community, helping its members understand the law and the legal process involved in divorce.

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