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Marriage or partnership dissolution raises a myriad of challenging issues.

In the case when children are involved, the ensuing issues are even more complex as child support and custody issues come to the forefront. For this reason, you need a skilled family law lawyer with experience in child custody issues to help you navigate the complexities of this sensitive area of family law. At Law Office of Caroline Pineres, we routinely represent mothers and fathers in disputes that concern child custody, parenting time, allocation of parental responsibilities, paternity and child support.  Collectively these are some of the most contentious areas of family law because their resolution may have a lasting impact on the relationships of everyone involved.  Our priority is to assist you in resolving resolve your custody dispute as rapidly and efficiently as possible given your present circumstances while forcefully advocating for the best interests of you and your children.  With each custody matter our goals are:

• Identifying and isolating custody issues, whether it regards decision-making authority, parenting time allocation, payment or non-payment of child support or other custody issues.

• Explaining your legal options on relevant state custody and/or child support laws and offering our legal experience and our insight into what a family law court may decide at trial.

• Gathering all evidence in order to support our legal theory, including relevant documents and the anticipated testimony of any witnesses.

• Building the strongest possible case based on our knowledge of state custody law and the legal system.

• Minimizing the costs and stress of litigation and trial on you and your children by offering appropriate alternatives to traditional litigation such as collaborative law and mediation.

• Generating creative settlement options geared towards your priorities and unique circumstances.

The courts show extreme vigilance when it comes to matters that involve child custody and visitation. Should you be denied either visitation time or primary custody of your children, we will petition the court to have a contempt order issued against your ex-spouse. This order allows law enforcement personnel to enforce the court order.

Life, can sometimes prove to be challenging and unpredictable and more so during the very vulnerable and stressful exposures, that one can be subjected to involving family and marital matters.

The Law Office of Caroline Pineres understands the complex and sensitive nature of family-related legal disputes and is prepared to guide clients toward appropriate and productive solutions with discretion, respect, and sensitivity. As a practitioner in a rapidly evolving area of law, Caroline Pineres is one of the most respected attorneys in her field and has zealously dedicated her practice to successfully assisting clients with all family law related issues. She routinely obtains winning results for her clients, regardless of the complexity of the cases.

Bilingual (English-Spanish) As a native Spanish speaker, Caroline has brought her knowledge and expertise to the Latino community, helping its members understand the law and the legal process involved in divorce.

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