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Numerous individuals are under the impression that when a divorce is considered "finalized," there is no way to go back and modify the agreements that had been made.

Fortunately, it is possible for people with extenuating circumstances to make post judgment actions in order to adjust the terms of an agreement or divorce, so that they can suit their current situation.

Post judgment modifications become a necessity in the case a person's circumstances change so much that it makes it almost impossible to adhere to the terms of the original agreement or settlement. Occasionally, loss of employment or a serious illness is cause for preventing a person from being employed and making money. In this case, it will be extremely difficult or even impossible to continue paying the current amount of child support which was arranged at a time you were bringing in considerable amounts of income. In such situations, the Law Office of Caroline Pineres will help offer proof of the necessity of the modification, so that your agreement can be modified to accommodate your present situation.

Life, can sometimes prove to be challenging and unpredictable and more so during the very vulnerable and stressful exposures, that one can be subjected to involving family and marital matters.

The Law Office of Caroline Pineres understands the complex and sensitive nature of family-related legal disputes and is prepared to guide clients toward appropriate and productive solutions with discretion, respect, and sensitivity. As a practitioner in a rapidly evolving area of law, Caroline Pineres is one of the most respected attorneys in her field and has zealously dedicated her practice to successfully assisting clients with all family law related issues. She routinely obtains winning results for her clients, regardless of the complexity of the cases.

Bilingual (English-Spanish) As a native Spanish speaker, Caroline has brought her knowledge and expertise to the Latino community, helping its members understand the law and the legal process involved in divorce.

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