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Helping families through life’s challenges. Find what matters the most and leave the rest to us.

Life, can sometimes prove to be challenging and unpredictable and more so during the very vulnerable and stressful exposures, that one can be subjected to involving family and marital matters. We understand the emotional complexity involved, the excruciating pains, the anxiety, a time where one may feel lost as if your whole world has turned up-side down. It is a time when you are faced with the most “life changing” decisions as you are forced to forge a new and unexpected path for the future of you and your loved ones. It is a time when you are trying to find your inner strength to reclaim your life again. From our heart to yours, we understand the heart of it all. It is during this time that you need an attorney who will bring passion, tenacity and dedication to your case.

About The Firm

Caroline Pineres, is your Family Law attorney representing your future. She is the attorney you need when you need someone you trust the most. You and those you love are life’s biggest assets. All challenges and obstacles are driven by their solutions. We believe in personalizing our services and solutions to meet your unique individual needs. We believe in zealous, aggressive and assertive advocacy while we provide you with compassionate and solid expert advice. We believe in strong, diligent and effective representation to firmly protect and represent you and your family.

Your case is more than just a another case to us, it is your life, your future. We will be by your side every step of the process, to defend ” your rights”, “your future” and those “you love”.

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